NEAPFCU Membership includes postal employees in Calhoun, Cleburne, Clay, Randolp and Talladega counties.


* Spouse 
* Parent of Spouse 
* Parent of employee 
* Child of Member 
 regardless of residence or employment.
* Brothers 
* Sisters  
* Sibling's Children

To join the Northeast Alabama Postal Federal Credit Union, a deposit of $25.00 is required. 
A $1.00 membership fee is waived at this time.  

Effective July 1, 2012 there may be a $5.00 charge for all accounts that have incorrect mailing address and phone numbers.  It is very important that you, the member, maintain and keep all of your information current on your account. We must be able to reach you by phone or mail. Please take the time to complete an address form with all of your current information if you have moved and changed phone numbers. If you cannot make it by the office to update this information please mail a hand written notice that has been signed and dated with your current information. Your help with this matter is greatly apprecited.